Euclid / Hitachi Rigid Dump Trucks


Euclid / Hitachi Hydraulic Rigid Dump Trucks provide a cost effective method to quickly move large quantities of material. With payloads ranging from 60-296 ton, these rigid frame haul trucks are designed for large mass excavation work in quarries and mines.


EH1100-3 New Euclid/Hitachi EH1100-3 66.4 (tons) P.O.R.
EH1700-3 New Euclid/Hitachi EH1700-3 104.9 (tons) P.O.R.
EH3500ACII New Euclid/Hitachi EH3500ACII 185 (tons) P.O.R.
EH4000ACII New Euclid/Hitachi EH4000ACII 244.7 (tons) P.O.R.
EH5000ACII New Euclid/Hitachi EH5000ACII 316 (tons) P.O.R.
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