Hitachi Mining Excavator


Hydraulic Excavators provide a cost effective method to quickly move large quantities of material. Hitachi Mining machines in the 60 to 800 ton class are designed for large mass excavation work in quarries and mines. Hitachi excavators can be configured as front shovels or as the conventional excavator design. Contact Howell Tractor for your Hitachi Mining Equipment.


EX1200-6 New Hitachi EX1200-6 7.7-8.5 cu. yd. P.O.R.
EX1900-6 New Hitachi EX1900-6 14.4-15.7 cu. yd. P.O.R.
EX2600-6 New Hitachi EX2600-6 19.6-21.6 cu. yd. P.O.R.
EX3600-6 New Hitachi EX3600-6 27.5-30.1 cu. yd. P.O.R.
EX5600-6 New Hitachi EX5600-6 38.0-40.0 cu. yd. P.O.R.
EX8000-6 New Hitachi EX8000-6 52.3 cu. yd. P.O.R.
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