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Hitachi Mining Excavator


  • New Hitachi EX1900-6 Mining Excavator For Sale
  • New Hitachi EX1900-6 Mining Excavator For Sale
  • New Hitachi EX1900-6 Mining Excavator For Sale
  • New Hitachi EX1900-6 Mining Excavator For Sale


  Year New
  Manufacturer Hitachi
  Model EX1900-6
  Capacity 14.4-15.7 cu. yd.
  Price1 P.O.R.
  Engine Rated Power 810(kW)
  Operating Weight 192000(kg)
  Backhoe Bucket PCSA heaped (m3) 12m3
  Loading Shovel BucketPCSA heaped (m3) 11m3

High Visibility 6.03 Meter Cab Height— Providing a clear view of the work area. Gives the operator a clear view, even when a large 90 tonnes class dump truck is being loaded. This high height and forward-sloping cab provides a view that boosts productivity.

Rugged Comfortable Cab— Protects the operator from falling objects. Fluid filled elastic mounts help absorb vibration to provide durability and a comfortable ride. The OPG top guard level II (ISO) is provided on the cab roof.

Efficient Cab Layout— All controls within natural reach of operator. The ergonomic layout of the cab means the operator will do less stretching and reaching when operating the controls. This adds up to less operator fatigue and greater operating efficiency.


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Standard equipment may vary by country, so please consult your Hitachi dealer for details.


  • 140 A alternator
  • Heavy-duty type air cleaner with dust ejector
  • Cartridge-type engine oil filter
  • Cartridge-type engine oil bypass filter
  • Cartridge-type fuel filter
  • Water filter
  • Fan guard
  • Isolation-mounted engine
  • Pre-lubrication system
  • Auto-idle system
  • Emergency engine stop system


  • E-P control system
  • OHS (Optimum Hydraulic System)
  • FPS (Fuel-saving Pump System)
  • Hydraulic drive cooling-fan system
  • Forced-lubrication and forced cooling pump drive system
  • Control valve with main relief valve
  • Suction filter
  • Full-flow filter
  • Bypass filter
  • Pilot filter
  • Drain filter
  • High-pressure strainer


The sturdy cab, with OPG top guard level II (ISO), helps protect the operator from falling objects. Fluid-filled elastic mounts. Laminated glass windshield. Reinforced/tinted (bronze color) glass side and rear windows. Parallel-link-type intermittent windshield wiper. Front windshield washer. Adjustable reclining seat with air suspension. Footrest. Air horn with electric compressor. Auto-tuning AM-FM radio with digital clock. Seat belt. Storage spaces. Floor mat. Air conditioner with defroster. Rearview mirror. Evacuation hammer. Emergency escape device. Trainer's seat. Pilot control shut-off lever.


  • Meters:
    Hourmeter. Fuel gauge. Hydraulic oil temperature gauge. Engine coolant temperature gauge. Tachometer. Engine oil pressure gauge. Engine oil temperature gauge. Battery voltage gauge. Ambient temperature.
  • Pilot lamps (Green):
    Pre-lubrication. Auto-Idle. Travel Mode.
  • Warning lamps (Red):
    Allternator. Engine stop. Coolant overheat. Hydraulic oil level. Auto-Lubrication. Fast-filling ON. Tension. Electric lever. Emergency engine stop. Top valve. Engine over run. Coolant level. Engine oil pressure. Pump transmission oil level indicator.
  • Warning lamp (Yellow):
    Exhaust temperature. Fuel temperature. Engine warning. Hydraulic oil overheat. Stairway position. Electrical equipment box. Pump contamination. Air cleaner restriction.
  • Alarm buzzers:
    Overheat. Engine coolant pressure. Engine coolant level. Fuel temperature. Engine oil pressure. Engine oil temperature. Air intake manifold temperature. Crank case pressure. Pump transmission oil level. Hydraulic oil level. Stop valve close. Unlocked pilot control shut-off lever when fast-filling ON. Ladder position. Electric lever fault.


  • 6 working lights. 2 entrance light.
  • 3 maintenance lights. 2 cab lights.


  • Lockable machine covers
  • 25 300 kg counterweight
  • Hydraulic drive grease gun with hose reel
  • Retractable ladder with spring-type balancer
  • Swing parking brake


  • Travel parking brake
  • Travel motion alarm device
  • Hydraulic track adjuster with N2 gas accumulator and relief valve
  • 800 mm triple grouser shoes


  • Standard tool kit
  • Stairs and handrails (Meeting ISO)
  • Recirculation air filter for air conditioner
  • Ventilation air filter for air conditioner
  • 12 V power terminal board
  • Stop valve for transport and reassembly
  • Auto-lubrication system (Lincoln) for front-attachment pins, swing bearing, and center joint

Optional equipment may vary by country, so please consult your Hitachi dealer for details.

  • High brightness working lights.
  • Back and right side color monitor camera.
  • Folding stairs with wide steps.
  • Wiggins couplers.
  • Engine oil reserve system.
  • Full track guard.
  • Cold weather package.
  • Satellite data transmitting system.
  • Travel motor guard.
  • Travel device guard.

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