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MG Recycling

Compact 150 T Special

  • New MG Recycling Compact 150 T Speical System For Sale
  • New MG Recycling Compact 150 T Speical System For Sale


  Year New
  Manufacturer MG Recycling
  Model Compact 150 T Special
  Capacity 150-300
  Price1 P.O.R.

"The COMPACT 150 T Special system is a complete technological plant for the recovery of copper from electric cables and other waste materials which have different specific weight, using the technology of air separation after the grinding and pulverizing of materials.

The strong point of this plant, which makes it unique, is its possibility to attain effective separation both processing fine hair wire, thanks to the cell granulator or ""pulverizer"" between the blade mill and air separator, as well as rigid wire, due to the possibility of excluding the pulverizer.

Other devices, such as the inverter on the pulverizer’s motor, as well as the plant’s capacity to allow the cooling of the cutting chamber of the granulator, extend the processing capability and the recovery of materials from the plant. The COMPACT 150 T Special is equipped with a self-cleaning dust removal system, which is easy to handle and install, and only requires quick and simple maintenance"


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