Sennebogen Tracked Material Handlers


Sennebogen® Tracked Material Handlers are quickly becoming the method of choice to load and/or unload a vast array of bulk materials. From ferrous scrap handling to barge bulk material handling.This rubbed tracked material handler can undertake tasks from ferrous scrap handling to barge bulk material handling. We have the knowledge and ability to not only provide you with a properly sized base machine, but to also provide the correct type and size work tool for the material handling application at hand.


821 R-HD New Sennebogen 821 R-HD 0.50-0.75 yd³ 0.00
825 R-HD New Sennebogen 825 R-HD 0.75-1.25 yd³ P.O.R.
830 R-HD New Sennebogen 830 R-HD 0.75-1.25 yd³ 0.00
835 R-HD New Sennebogen 835 R-HD 1.00-1.50 yd³ P.O.R.
840 R-HD New Sennebogen 840 R-HD 1.25-2.00 yd³ 0.00
850 R-HD New Sennebogen 850 R-HD 1.50-2.50 yd³ 0.00
870 R-HD New Sennebogen 870 R-HD 2.00-4.00 yd³ 0.00
880 R-HD New Sennebogen 880 R-HD 5.00-7.00 yd³ 0.00
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