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Tadano Mantis Hydraulic Crawler Cranes


  • New Mantis 14010 70 Ton Crawler Crane For Sale
  • New Mantis 14010 70 Ton Crawler Crane For Sale
  • New Mantis 14010 70 Ton Crawler Crane For Sale


  Year New
  Manufacturer Tadano
  Model 14010
  Capacity 70 (tons)
  Price1 P.O.R.
  Main Boom 111'6" (ft)
Over 10-years of job-proven performance have given the Mantis 14010 an enviable reputation for dependability and round-the-clock performance. The 14010 saw its first major challenge as the key crane on one of the world’s largest and most difficult jobs – Boston’s Central artery highway project – known as “The Big Dig”. Some fifteen 14010s operated for several years both above and underground at the heart of this tunneling and highway building project. Whether walking loads, working in tunnels or drilling foundations, the 14010 became indispensable to the project.

Rated at 70-ton (63.5-tonne) lifting capacity at a full 10ft (3m) radius, the Mantis 10010Mx can pick-and-carry its entire load chart through a full 360°. Such is the extraordinary stability of the 14010 that, with tracks extended, the crane can still make lifts with the main boom fully telescoped to 111ft 6ins (34m) and laid-out horizontally! Even with zero counterweight installed – to reduce working weight to about 100,000lbs (50-tonnes) for reduced ground bearing pressures - the 14010 can still pick-and-carry 60-tons (54.4-tonnes) or operate with its main boom fully extended and reach radii out to 90ft (28m)!

Lifting at height the 14010 also shows its strength with 35,000lbs at 25ft radius (15.3-tonnes @ 8m) on the fully elevated and telescoped main boom! For increased height the 14010 deploys lattice extensions offering 18,000lbs 8.2-tonnes) to 147ft (44.8m) tip height of 6,600lbs (3-tonnes) to 167ft (50.9m) on offsettable jibs.


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70-tons (63.5-tonnes) pick-and-carry capacity at 10ft (3m) radius thru 360°. Sequence-synchronized four-section full power boom of 111ft 6ins (34m) length. Lattice boom extensions and offsettable jibs for up to 167ft (50.9m) tip height. 240 hp (179kW) diesel engine standard. Low ground bearing pressure of 9.3 psi (0.65 kg/cm2). Mantis-engineered in-situ auger options with optional hydraulic tool circuit. Fast two-speed independent hydrostatic track drive to 2.5 mph (4.0 km/hr). Full boom telescoping and boom lift under full hook load. 12ft 6ins (3.51-3.81m) minimum travel width according to tracks selected. Extraordinary 10ft 1ins (3.06m) overhead clearance height. New deluxe operators cab and standard LMI and Anti-Two-Block devices. Track contra-rotation allows pivot turns on the spot. 137,400lb (60-62.3-tonne) shipping weight fully equipped. Easily reduces to 100,000lbs (45-tonnes) with removal of counterweight and blocks. Steep 46% gradeability thanks to low center of gravity. Hydraulic on-the-fly track frame retraction and extension. Powerful 18,500lb (8.4-tonne) planetary main winch with full load single line speeds to 259 fpm (78.9 mpm) or 519 fpm (158 mpm) no-load speed. Optional Mantis WP-750 Heavy Duty Work Platform for up to 152ft (46.4m) working height. High 14ins (356mm) ground clearance helps avoid damage and snagging.

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