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Tadano Mantis Hydraulic Crawler Cranes


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  Year New
  Manufacturer Tadano
  Model GTC-600
  Capacity 66 US Tons
  Price1 POR
  Main Boom 37' 8" - 118' 1"
The GTC-600 features a four-section, 118.1-foot main boom, plus a 58.1-foot bi-fold jib. The GTC-600 also features automatic-switching load charts for operation at up to four degrees out-of-level; the level ground charts for Tadano Mantis are for slopes to 1.5 degrees.


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  • 66-tons pick-and-carry capacity through 360°.
  • Two-piece bi-fold (33.1' / 58.1’) lattice boom extension & offsettable jib for up to 182.1 ft tip height
  • Heavy Lift Jib – 8.2 ft, 44,800 lb maximum capacity
  • Tadano AML-C LMI system
  • OPTI-WIDTH™ – OPTIMAL lifting performance at any track WIDTH
  • Work area limitations with soft stop
  • Winches with grooved drums, cable followers and 3rd wrap shutdown
  • Self Erecting Crane
  • Unladen ground bearing pressure of 9.8 psi
  • Hydraulic on-the-fly track frame retraction and extension
  • Hello-Net Telematics
  • 3 remote control work lights
  • 3 video cameras for winch view, rear view, and right side view

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