Waldon Industrial Loaders and Forklifts


Waldon Forklifts are your solution to many types of material handling needs. These powerful heavy duty diesel powered units are excellent if your material is bundled, containerized, or palletized. From hard surfaced warehouse floors to rough terrain outdoor yard conditions, there’s a machine available to get the job done.


4500B New Waldon 4500B 1,400 P.O.R.
5100 New Waldon 5100 1,700 P.O.R.
5100 Forklift New Waldon 5100 Forklift 4,000 P.O.R.
6000C New Waldon 6000C 2,700 P.O.R.
6000C Forklift New Waldon 6000C Forklift 6,000 P.O.R.
7000 New Waldon 7000 3,375 P.O.R.
8500C NEW Waldon 8500 C 4,040 P.O.R.
Digmaster New Waldon Digmaster 850 P.O.R.
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