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Howell Tractor and Equipment has been a trusted equipment distributor since 1943. With an extensive product line of excavators, mini-excavators, shovels, wheel loaders, skid steers, haul trucks, material handlers, custom trailers and hydraulic hammers; we can help you find the right machine to fit your needs. For a cost effective option, inquire about our Rental Program which allows you to get any job done with added convenience and flexibility.

Equipment Rental Program Benefits:

  • Reduce operation costs
  • Save time and gain job flexibility
  • Expand range of project opportunities:
  • Additional equipment for larger jobs
  • Seasonal work, limited time use
  • Jobs that require specialized machines
  • Immediate availability – when and where you need it
  • No storage or repair costs

Howell offers:

  • Job Assessment and equipment recommendation
  • Experienced, factory-trained technicians
  • Modern, low hour machines
  • Variety of models – specialized equipment, unique applications
  • 24 hour service department available to keep machines running at peak performance
“Try before you buy” – we offer rental purchase options
Call and ask for our Rental Department 800-852-8816

**Rental Guidelines**

  • Insurance on rental equipment taken from Howell Tractor’s inventory is the responsibility of the customer. Insurance certificate is to be in Howell Tractor’s possession prior to release of equipment.
  • Rental Rates are based on 8 hour days, 40 hour weeks and 176 hour months.


Available Machines

Model HP Cu. Yd Week Month
60ZV-2 119 2.10 P.O.R. P.O.R.
65ZV-2 134 2.60 P.O.R. P.O.R.
70ZV-2 174 3.50 P.O.R. P.O.R.
80ZV-2 198 4.00 P.O.R. P.O.R.
85ZV-2 224 4.30 P.O.R. P.O.R.
Quarry Class Machines        
90ZV-2 271 5.00 P.O.R. P.O.R.
92ZV-2 284 6.00 P.O.R. P.O.R.
95ZV-2 348 7.00 P.O.R. P.O.R.
115ZV-2 463 8.00 P.O.R. P.O.R.



Model HP Weight Week Month
ZX160LC 110 35,500 P.O.R. P.O.R.
ZX450LC 348 106,180 P.O.R. P.O.R.



Model Capacity Week Month
6010 30 Ton P.O.R. P.O.R.
9010 45 Ton P.O.R. P.O.R.
15010 77 Ton P.O.R. P.O.R.




Model Rammer Weight Week Month
ZX160LC MB40 35,500 P.O.R. P.O.R.
  E66N   P.O.R. P.O.R.
  G80N   P.O.R. P.O.R.
  G90   P.O.R. P.O.R.
ZX450LC G110/MB100 106,180 P.O.R. P.O.R.




Model Cap. Weight Week Month
MT41 41 Tons 147,048 P.O.R. P.O.R.


Howell's extensive product line of excavators, mini-excavators, shovels, wheel loaders, skid steers, haul trucks, material handlers, and hydraulic hammers comes from manufacturers such as Allied, KCM, Hitachi, Mantis, Moxy and Sennebogen.